The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (2023) Vol. 34 No.2

Final AJP Vol. 34-2

Letter from the Editor

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I would like to express my immense gratitude to Dr. Walid Sarhan and his editorial team for the wonderful job they have done over the long years in his tenure as chief editor of this journal. His work, diligence and scientific rigor has kept the Arab journal of Psychiatry one of the most distinguished journals in the field.

It is my hope that the current editorial committee will carry on the wonderful work by the previous committees in the dissemination of scientific Psychiatric literature in the Arab world.


The new editorial team hopes to continue supporting the journal and work on its development as its predecessor. It is to our pleasure that the evaluation of the journal by ARCIF (Arab Citation and Impact Factor) showed AJP to be in the second rank among 18 medical journals and it has been classified in the psychology journals as well, and I hope that the new editorial team will be able to further elevate the rank of the journal in the scientific community.


The journal is available on:

ALMANHAL database, PSYCHIONFO, EPSCO, DAR ALMANDUMAH database and the journal website.

The journal is approved by the federation of Arab universities.


The Arab Journal of Psychiatry calls upon its contributors to apply their efforts to various areas of research and welcomes reviews, editorials and new avenues of study.


Yours Sincerely,

Hisham Ramy